Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seasons in a blink of an eye

Before I moved to Portland people warned me about the weather because it rains a lot. To be fair I was concerned that I would miss the seasons. I grew up in Los Angeles, which had two seasons: Sunny and Not Sunny. I loved living in New York experiencing the change of seasons. I'd get so excited when Fall came along. It meant a change in fashion, people began dressing in layers not quite ready to put on a jacket. It was time to store the summer clothes and take a trip out to wherever there was some free storage space (New Jersey, Upstate, Connecticut, etc.) most New York closets just can't accommodate a full four season wardrobe.

When I first arrived in Portland it had been snowing. I could check winter off my list of seasons. Sure once the snow melted and the streets dried up I experienced a more traditional Portland winter - gray days. There is rain, of course, but it didn't typically rain non-stop. I would begin to get excited when the sun would appear - if only for a day or two. Even then, although I'd want the sun to stick around a little bit longer, the gray skies didn't bother me.

There is a lot of talk about the lack of sun for stretches at a time. Some people feel it more than others and I know a few folks who found themselves taking Vitamin D or getting a Vitamin D shot just so they could have more energy. So far the gray and rain hasn't affected me that way.

Instead I have a different weather issue. I call it schizophrenic weather. This is what it's like: sunny, drizzly, hail, sunny, windstorm, rain all in the span of about two minutes. It's the not knowing if I should walk my dog or not weather. In case you don't know, my dog - the Zsash - is just not down with walking in the rain. She straight out will go right back in the house if she even senses rain. While this weather pattern just gets to me, something good does emerge: a Rainbow. I've seen more rainbows here than I think I have in my entire life. There's something to be said for that.

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