Monday, August 6, 2012

Got Goat?

As a long-time city dweller there hasn't been a lot of need for a lawn mower in my life. That's because there aren't a lot of lawns in a city. Of course there are lawns in a park, but the city takes care of that. Still, if you find yourself with an insanely overgrown lawn forget the lawn mower - go goat. 

Yep, apparently you can rent goats in Portland to take care of an entire field. The goats graze the land and slowly - over a couple of weeks - the overgrown field becomes manageable. Let me be clear this isn't out in the cuts, it's just blocks from downtown.  It seems odd to me to rent a goat, but goats have been grazing fields for years. Maybe the goats are the bomb. I'm just glad I don't have an overgrown lawn or really much of a lawn at all.