Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's On A Boat: Parde of Lights

One of the things I used to love about the holidays in New York are all the great display windows and of course the annual stop to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Although the streets were crowded and the city had been invaded by tourists, there was still something quite magical about it all. Each city does something special to celebrate the holidays. In Portland, it's the Christmas Ships.

It's not as large or as fancy as those say in Newport Beach, CA, but it's still quite a site. I've been living here a few years and never quite got out to see them. It does actually get cold here in the winter. Temperatures can easily be in the 20s and 30s. This year was the 60th anniversary of the Portland Christmas Ships Parade. It's actually not just one night, it happens for quite a few nights. It shouldn't be too hard to fit in, but somehow I never did.

It's not all about floating Christmas Trees
This year, I got a chance to see them cruising on a boat, no less. I attended a holiday party on a boat and we got to see the ships start their journey to their destination up the river. At one point, we were stopped on our not quite three-hour tour and the boats circled around us. It was definitely a treat, being in the middle of the water on a cold winter's night with boats decorated in Christmas lights circling. It did feel a bit magical, as if the show was just for us. Of course, it was for everyone.

I'm glad I got a chance to see it and especially while being on the water. It did kind of remind me of what Portland is all about, a bit DYI, tons of fun, and taking advantage of all the things the city's landscape has to offer. It's a bit late, I know, but I hope your new year is bright.